​Sports Code of Conduct

We like to encourage our students on and off the field.  We also have expectations about how students, coaches and spectators should behave around sport and these are outlined in our code of conduct. All parents and staff will need to sign a code of conduct form before taking students to a competition.

Our aim is to meet the needs of all students, no matter their ability in sport. We want to encourage participation and learning of skills, so students can explore, perform and excel in their chosen sport(s). 

Eden Albert Inter school Sports

Our school is part of the Eden Albert Cluster.  The cluster normally has three inter school sports competitions per term for Year 5-6 students. 

​Parent Helpers

It is great to have parent helpers on board to help, especially with inter school competitions. If you would like to lend a hand please contact the office.




Students who arrive late to school must report to the school office before coming to class. They will be given a slip to take to their teacher.

The school learning programme starts at 9.00am. The morning is an important part of the class learning programme where the teacher and students discuss the expectations, learning and goals for the day. It's also a time when members of the class can share news. Arriving late at school is very disruptive for your child, for the teacher and for the rest of the class. 

Attendance and absences

For safety reasons it is important that parents and teachers know where children are. Please let us know when your child is absent from school or is going to be late by calling the school and following the instructions to leave a message with details of your child's name, room number and the reason for absence.

If your child is away for more than 5 days for medical reasons, please ask your doctor for a copy of a medical certificate to pass on to the school.

Repeated absences

Research shows that students who are regularly absent from school are more likely to have gaps in their learning making it more difficult to keep up with their peers. It is important that students attend school regularly in order to maximise their learning potential.

The school is required by the Ministry of Education to monitor student attendance and where there is a pattern of repeating unexplained absence and/or lateness a Truancy Officer may be required to investigate the matter.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring your own device allows students to have one-to-one time on a device that is set up to their specifications for their learning. This has many benefits including:

  • Enabling students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning
  • Empowering students to learn at a pace and place as well as a way which suits them
  • Teaching students how to discern which tool will best help with their learning
  • Encouraging and enabling teachers to more easily implement personalised learning
  • Preparing students for a future where they are likely to be working in an environment with increasing amounts of technology and IT/collaborative/cloud based tools.


Order Stationery Online

The Warehouse Stationery is the supplier for our students stationery.  



Road Patrols

Patrolled school crossings are at the lights on New North Road and on Sainsbury Rd near the top netball courts. They are patrolled by trained school students and supervised by Duty Teachers or Parents from 8.30–8.45am and 3.00–3.10pm.


Bicycles may be brought to school and left in the bike rack in the designated area. While all standard precautions will be taken to protect bicycles from any interference, the school accepts no responsibility for any bicycles that are brought to school. Please ensure your child is fully aware of all road safety practices and wears a correctly fitted  helmet.


Please advise the school office if your child needs to take any form of medication during the school day. Staff are not allowed to administer medication (including panadol or similar pain relief) without parental consent. Consent forms should be signed at the school office.

First Aid Treatment

Should your child have an accident at school our staff are trained in first aid and will attend to the problem. If a doctor is needed you will be contacted immediately. For this reason please ensure the school has your contact details and please advise us immediately if anything changes.


If your child is unwell they should not come to school. Keeping your child at home helps them to recover more quickly and also minimises the spread of illnesses to other students. Below is a guide to help identify the times when your child should stay at home.

Cold or flu symptomsWe recommend you keep your child at home especially if they are sneezing and/or coughing.
Vomiting and/or diarrhoeaIt is important they stay away from school for at least 24 hours after the last incident.
MeaslesAt least four days from appearance of rash until recovery.
Chicken PoxStay at home until the blisters have formed dry scabs

Keeping Safe in the Sun

We recognise the importance of protecting students, staff and visitors from the effects of UV Radiation. These procedures are in place so that students, staff and visitors attending Mt Albert Primary School are protected from skin damage caused by harmful UV radiation from the sun, which can lead to skin cancer in later life. The sun protection procedures will be applied during term 1 and 4 especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Students are required to wear the school wide brimmed hat which provides protection for the face, neck and ears when they are outside or involved in outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4.  From the beginning of September UV radiation levels are increasing, therefore, sun protection should be used when students are outdoors. e.g. Sports etc.

Staff will enforce a 'no hat no play' procedure whereby children without hats or suitable clothing will be limited to the designated house shade area.

You can read our Sun Protection procedure in full listed under the Health and Safety Policy on our policies website.



We offer after school care with SKIDS.

SKIDS offer a fun and safe environment for your children to attend after school.
For more information about the after school care programme please contact:
Jo Narayan   Ph: 09 279 0446    MOB: 021 0260 6460
You can also visit the website:

Why a School Donation?

All state schools operate on grants received from the Government. The major portion of this funding goes to general operating cost, wages and maintenance. The Board of Trustees asks all families for a voluntary donation going towards classroom equipment and resources.

The Board would like to encourage all families to pay the annual optional and voluntary donation. A  tax-deductible receipt will be provided. The annual optional and voluntary donations are:

  • One child: $130 (parents can opt to pay $32.50 per term)
  • Two or more children per family: $200 (parents can opt to pay $50 per term)

Options for payments:

  • Option 1 – Pay full donation per annum (one child: $130; two or more children per family: $200)
  • Option 2 – Pay the donation per term (one child: $32.50 per term; two or more children: $50 per term)

Please make all donations through the school's online shop. It is our preferred method of payment and we encourage you to set up your account today.  School donations are tax deductible, so please keep your receipt safe if you wish to claim a tax rebate.



School Uniform

We have a compulsory school uniform with a good range of choices within our specifications.  Our uniform is only available from The Warehouse, St Lukes. The Warehouse is located opposite Westfield St Lukes at 7 Wagener Place.

It is very important that all your child's uniform is clearly labelled with their name as items can sometimes be misplaced.

Check the images to see examples of correct school uniform.


As part of keeping ourselves 'Sun Smart' and 'Sun Safe,'  we have a compulsory school hat. School Hats are available at The Warehouse, St Lukes.


Summer – Black school sandals
Winter – Black school shoes and navy socks

Sports Uniform

All students are placed into one of the following four school houses which also represent our school values:

The School Houses represent important values, skills and roles that students will learn and develop during their time at Mt Albert Primary School.

All House sports tops and shorts are available from The Warehouse, St Lukes. Students will wear their sports uniforms and school hat for syndicate, house and school sports. All students are placed into a School House once enrolment has been completed. 



Parents are children's first teachers

We place a lot of value on strong and open communication with parents and believe that when parents and schools have a shared understanding of learning it increases the success and wellbeing of their children. With the advent of digital technology, the opportunities to be involved in your child's learning have increased, whether it's getting regular glimpses of what your child does at school through Seesaw or working alongside them at home on a shared google doc.

Following consultation with our community we have created home learning guidelines that have recommendations around the duration and type of home learning set at different year levels. The table below summarises this or you can rad the full guidelines here.

Year LevelType of home learningDuration

1–2Reading10-15 mins weeknights
3–4Reading, Learning times tables15–20 mins weeknights
5–6Reading, Learning times tables. 
Some optional project work at times.
20 mins weeknights

The best way to get more information about supporting your child is by talking to their teacher. You can email questions, speak informally before or after school or set up a time to meet to discuss your child's learning and ask questions about how to support this at home. There is also a range of guidance given by the Ministry of Education and other experts: links to these external sites are given below.

  • General guidance from the Ministry about supporting learning at home as well as advice on homework, school holidays and learner-led conferences can be found here
  • Take a look at to learn more about how having a Growth Mindset can make a big difference to learning maths. They also have information specifically for parents here
  • Have a read of our Supporting Your Child With Maths booklet
  • Specific information from the Ministry on how to support maths learning can be found here
  • Reading at home is an information page from the National Library of NZ and has ideas and resources you can share, including downloadable brochures in a variety of languages on supporting children to become readers
  • You can explore some excellent science and technology challenges at home with your child. There are plenty of examples online but these BP Challenges are particularly engaging and very manageable as they use easy-to-find materials from around the house


We are a Travelwise school!

Travelwise is an innovative programme to make school travel safer, healthier and more fun.
Some of the ways we support the Travelwise programme here at MAPS are:

  • encouraging parents to run a walking school bus
  • encouraging drivers to slow down around our neighbourhood
  • educating students and families about the value of walking to school

If you're interested in starting a 'Walking School Bus' and would like to know what ti entails, check out our information sheet. For more information about the Travelwise programme and how you can be involved, contact Kanta Gounder, our Travelwise lead teacher or visit the Travelwise website.