From the GTT Team


Broccoli & Spinach Fritters

Rooms 10 & 8 cooked Broccoli & Spinach fritters with Mint dipping sauce and Rhubarb Lemonade.The children thoroughly enjoyed these, as many had second helpings! Hopefully they’ll be wanting to try these out at home.

Lemon Trees

Today we planted a LEMON TREE very kindly donated by a school family.The children all got stuck in and dug a big hole and had a great time transferring all the worms ( there were plenty) to the raised vegetable beds.Unfortunately we struck the Mt Albert rock not too far from the surface, so the children dug out as much as they could then we planted the lemon tree with good top soil mixed with compost and sheep pellets. We made a big mound around the tree trunk giving plenty of good soil for the roots to grow and spread.Then the children watered the tree and pruned a few straggly branches to shape the tree nicely.It’s a been a big trauma for the tree at the start of this growing season, but we are optimistic it will thrive in it’s new location.

Basil Time

While it is still a little cold for planting basil the students have created a small basil garden.  The students have put a covering over the top for a greenhouse effect to protect the basil seedlings from the cold and provide a warmer environment.