Garden to Table

The Garden to Table programme started in Term 2, 2019. The programme builds skills for life through highly practical, hands-on classes – not only teaching growing and cooking skills but also building awareness of individual and collective responsibility for the environment, healthy eating and community connectedness. It is an opportunity for children to get their hands dirty and learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.

At Garden to Table students spend time in a productive veggie garden and home-style kitchen every week, learning skills that will last them a lifetime and connecting the practical lessons back to curriculum outcomes.  Children are encouraged to take that learning back to their family and community – growing, cooking, eating and enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables at home.  

The Garden to Table programme runs two days a week on Thursday and Friday mornings with our Year 5/6 students.


We need your help to make this work.

Volunteers are an integral part of Garden to Table. They work closely with small groups of children to answer questions, encourage, monitor and oversee activities, while keeping the children on track with tasks.

Volunteers can be parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or next door neighbours, anyone from within our school or local community who is keen to contribute their time and enthusiasm. No special skills are needed, other than an interest in Garden to Table, and an enjoyment from working with children. 

We need volunteers every Thursday and Friday morning in the hall kitchen and garden from 10-12:30 pm.  Please email Sonia Low:


Below are the recipes students have been making each week in the Garden to Table Programme. Students harvest vegetables and herbs from the garden to cook in the kitchen and then sit down and share the meal together.