All school Boards of Trustees are required to have policies that broadly govern how the school is run. From these policies, procedures are created to add more specific detail and and guidance around day-to-say practices in the school. If you would like to read our school policies you can access them through SchoolDocs – an online document hosting portal. Although the policies are public documents, SchoolDocs requires some authentication to access them. 

Please click the logo to the left and then use the following login details:
Username: maps
Password: 1025

Periodically our policies and procedures are reviewed and the community is invited to add their feedback. This feedback is collated along with that from over 800 other schools across NZ to ensure that school policies and procedures are current and comprehensive.

Currently, the 'Improving Educational Outcomes for Māori Students' procedure is under review. If you would like to add some feedback, log in to the site and click on the tab "Current Review". From there, click on 'Improving Educational Outcomes for Māori Students' in order to read the procedure and then on the large red arrow on the right to add any feedback.
This review cycle closes at the end of this term.