Meet the Board

The school's Board is a group of parents and staff elected to govern the school. Their role is to oversee the school's strategic direction and to ensure that funds from the Ministry of Education, as well as those raised locally by our community, are allocated effectively in order to have the greatest benefit to our students. As Principal of the school, Marian Caulfield is automatically a member of the Board. The Board receives reports on student achievement twice a year. For more information on this please contact the principal.

Caroline Izzard

I’m Caroline Izzard, and my family has been a part of the Mt Albert Primary community for the past 5 years. I am married to Sean, and we have two boys Lucas who left MAPS in 2021 and Theo currently in Year 5.  I have been connected to the school since the boys began, as an active member of the PTA, helping organise many of the great events the PTA puts on.

In addition to being a Mum, and what feels sometimes like a part time event manager for the PTA 😁, I work full time at TVNZ, where I run the Data and Insights function. In addition to this most recent role, I have held a variety of technical, commercial and project management roles in the past.  I joined the Board hoping that I could bring with me a combination of commercial skills and passion for the school community – supporting Marian and team in continuing their mission to develop what is already an amazing school.
I am so pleased to have been given this opportunity and can’t wait to see what we can collectively achieve.

Raj Valabh

My wife Anita and I have lived just around the corner from the school for 14 years. We have two children – Caleb who finished Year 6 in 2020 and Teajyl in Year 5. Anita is a PTA committee member, and we cherish being part of this amazing school community.

We currently run our own business in the construction sector. My background was as a professional engineer specialising in water and the environment. I also continue to be involved in commercial building development and property management.

I look forward to working with my Board colleagues, the Senior Leadership Team, and the wider school community to ensure our children are the best that they can be. I plan to provide a sound, technical, analytical mind to assist in the guidance of the school through the coming years.

The whole school community has a responsibility to ensure that MAPS continues to celebrate all of its students and the cultural diversity within. I will do my part at Board level with great pride.

Hannah Sellars

Jennifer Tunna

Together with Erik, I’m raising two beautiful and energetic daughters, Marlowe and Sabine, who are currently in Years 3 and 1.  Both of the girls have settled in seamlessly and happily at MAPS, in no small part due to the wonderful teachers and the supportive, friendly school community. 

I’ve been a corporate lawyer for about 20 years and am a director in my own small firm in the CBD, with a specialty in commercial, finance and insolvency related matters.  I am also a board member of one of our industry bodies.  So while this is my first foray into education related governance (and I am expecting to have a lot to learn) I hope my legal skills will come in useful for MAPS.

I’m really looking forward to understanding better how the school is run and being a part of making it an even better place to grow our kids.

Rachael Woods

Hi, my name is Rachael Woods and I live in Morningside with my husband, Keith and two daughters (Bridget who finished at MAPS in 2021, and Heidi who is currently in year 4). I have been an active member of the MAPS PTA since 2016, including taking on the role of Secretary for part of that time. Involvement in the PTA has given me an excellent opportunity to engage with the wider school community and to develop good relationships with the School’s executive leadership team. I am excited to have a further opportunity to further support the School and to serve its community, as a member of the Board of Trustees.
I am a lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience, practising in civil and regulatory litigation and am self-employed. Through my work, I have developed skills in issue identification, analysis and problem solving. I have also gained a sound knowledge and understanding of the principles and importance of good governance, and have particular expertise in Health and Safety law.
To me, education is fundamental to children’s fulfilment and future success, on whatever pathway they may choose. I consider that we are fortunate to have dedicated and passionate teaching and leadership staff at MAPS. I also consider that education should not stop in the classroom and that children should enjoy the opportunity to learn by being part of a vibrant, inclusive and respectful community, in which all members are welcome and encouraged to engage.

Tanya Stone – Staff Representative

Kia ora, I am Tanya Stone, the staff representative for the Mt Albert Primary Board.

I have been teaching at MAPS since 2019 and I have been in Education since 2008. I am a Year 0/1 teacher, as well as the Year 0/1 Team Leader. 

I am incredibly passionate about education and the role of the wider community in the success of the running of a school. I feel very honoured to be part of a progressive school board and to be given the opportunity to help create and nurture positive change and growth for our school community.