Education outside the classroom allows each student the opportunity to build resilience, strength and develop essential skills in the areas of communication and teamwork.

With each learning experience students are able to set personal goals, as well as team goals to create strong friendships with their peers.

There are a variety of trips that students will participate in across all year levels which are developed to engage our students curiosity, expand their thinking and deepen their thinking.

Year 5 and 6


Every even year 5 and 6s attend a four day camp. Currently this camp is taking place at Lakewood Lodge. 

Over the 4 days students are able participate in a range of acitivites and build their confidence, teamwork, communication, respect for nature and environment, learning to look after and be responsible for themselves and equipment, Independence and resilience. 

Activities that students will participate include Abseiling, Archery, Bushcraft/Mud Rub, Cooking lessons, Confidence Course, Flying Fox, Frisbee Golf, Horse Riding, Kayaking,, Low Ropes, Posties Walk, Mudslide and Tug of War.


Every odd year we run a four day program with a sports day on day five.

Activities include Bush First aid, Hut building, Kite making, Chariot races, Nature Challenges, Nature Art Challenges, Scavenger hunt, Knot tying, Cooperative games, Billy Walks, Amazing race and EOTC songs.