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Room 7 in the Kitchen

Today Room 7 made Salad of the Imagination, using fresh from the garden: salad leaves, a little silverbeet, herbs, spring onions, beetroot, edible flowers and baby carrots. It was interesting to see the different shapes the baby carrots had grown (as they were so little, we just chopped them up instead of grating them). We also added cherry tomatoes and we garnished our salads with the edible flowers.We made an Asian dressing, and then added mung beans to our salad. The dressing was yummy, as it added some sweetness and the mung beans added some crunch. Room 7 also made Rhubarb Lemonade, a sweet, lovely pink coloured drink and silverbeet and cheese muffins.

Garden Success

Today was the biggest harvest to date from our school garden. The students were able to harvest silverbeet, beetroot, carrots, a variety of lettuces, spring onions, lemon thyme, parsley, corriander, edible flowers and other mixed herbs for the kitchen today.  A fantastic achievement!

Nothing like fresh vegetables

Nothing like fresh vegetables

15 & 16 November

This week at GTT Room 6 & 7 made Silverbeet & Spinach Slice, Herb Pesto, Beetroot, Carrot and Sesame Seed Salad and Pear & Apple Crumble.

The salad was lovely and sweet with a hint of lemon juice. The pesto was nice and salty and went really well with the slice and celery sticks and the pear & apple crumble was delicious. The children enjoyed everything and there were hardly any leftovers!