Meet the Board of Trustees

The school's Board of Trustees is a group of parents and staff elected to govern the school. Their role is to oversee the school's strategic direction and to ensure that funds from the Ministry of Education, as well as those raised locally by our community, are allocated effectively in order to have the greatest benefit to our students. As Principal of the school, Marian Caulfield is automatically a member of the Board. Sonia Davies is the elected staff trustee.

Jonathan Boow (Board Chairperson)

Hi, I’m a local Morningside resident, married to Anna and we have two children, Maria who’s 12 and finished at Mt Albert Primary in 2014 and Tessa who is 6 and is now in Year 2. I put my hand up for the Board of Trustees because, having already been a parent at the school for 6 years (and looking at a further 6 years), I would like to be able to give something back to the school and be part of maintaining the school’s vision for the future.

I would like to improve the visibility of the board of trustees to the wider parent/caregiver community and help improve communication between the school and parents/caregivers.

At work, I have a background in the natural sciences and I have been with the Auckland Council (and prior to that Auckland Regional Council) for the last 10 years. I am in a conservation management role with the Biodiversity team, focused on protecting Auckland’s natural environment. I am passionate about protecting our natural and cultural heritage for future generations, and I acknowledge the critical part our schools play in this.

I look forward to working hard for MAPS and invite you to attend any of our Board meetings.

Charles Lynch

My name is Charles Lynch, I’m an I.T. Consultant, originally from Scotland (but I have lived in New Zealand for the past 20+ years). 
I’m a long term resident of Kingsland with my wife, Morven, and two sons (one finished at MAPS in 2015 and the other is currently in Year 4). 
I’ve have been closely involved in education for a long time as my Mum, Dad, Sister and Wife have all been teachers, and early in my career I worked at Glasgow University’s teacher training facility.
One of my areas of interest is in raising student achievement and especially looking at how technology can help with that. I firmly believe that Mt Albert Primary has the potential to be a truly great school and I want to do everything I can to help it achieve that potential.

Nigel Boyd

I am a long term resident of Mt Albert, husband to Josie and a father of two young boys who are both enjoying being students at MAPS. My experience has been as a lawyer with a range of experience in trusts, finance and property. Since 2013 I have endeavoured to, and intend to continue to, use my strengths in planning, communication and achieving solutions towards overseeing the delivery of an excellent education for all our children and strengthening the partnership with parents, teachers and the community. I strongly believe MAPs has an exciting future.

Tony Bishop

My name is Tony Bishop. I am a local business owner, married to Carol Lindley (PTA). We have two sons currently enrolled at Mt Albert Primary School.

Starting and running a business from the ground up has given me many skills that are transferable and useful to being an active member on the Board of Trustees for the school.

I have a truly vested interest in the goings on in and around the school and local community, having been educated at both Mt Albert Primary and Mt Albert Grammar School and having since settled in the area with my family. 

I am extremely willing and generous with both my time and knowledge and believe that being on the Board of Trustees will give me a chance to make sure that there are opportunities in place for my children, and the children of others, to match their potential and enable them to grow and learn and, in turn, become valued members of society. 

With my background in business and commitment to the community this will facilitate me to support the other members of the board, as well as the Principal, teachers and students to ensure that Mt Albert Primary School provides all who are involved in the school with a positive and stimulating experience.

Alicia Murray

I was elected to the Board of Trustees in June 2016. I live locally and have two children at the school. My family enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at MAPS. 

I am an experienced lawyer, with the skills necessary to make a meaningful contribution to the Board. I'm excited to be on the Board and involved with the opportunities and challenges ahead for the school in light of its increasing roll growth.